How to Grow Your Followers Count on Instagram?

Even though you are just posting some awesome clicks, you have to implement a certain strategy to get people to see you and follow you. Here are the tricks to growing your fan following and list of followers to flaunt your brand to more fans.

Widen Your Exposure by Including Hashtags

Instagram feeds tend to change rapidly and you can easily get your content buried. Hashtags are the best way to improve the shelf-life of the posts. They can easily lump up your posts into communities which are connected with a keyword. At least, on hashtag must be included in a post. Engagement is really very important and it goes with posts that have up to 5 hashtags. But there are certain ways to use hashtags –

  • Look for trending and popular hashtags
  • Brainstorm certain phrases and keywords related to your brand

In order to research trending, popular hashtags, be sure to use some data analysis apps. You can search for whether #womensstyle or #womensfashion has higher searchers. Then look through the people who are using such tags to know if the image fits that particular community.

  • Create Hashtag of your own

Creating a hashtag of your own can easily lump up the content on an easy-to-search collection. In addition, users can easily place your tag on their photos. In order to incorporate the photos of fans, KitKat uses #haveabreak tag.

  • Collect Some Specific and Big-Hit Tags

Not all highly popular tags are the best. Tags like #fashion are used too frequently (around 146 million times till date). If you tag something like it, your image will be lost in the ocean of content. You need to get something never-seen-before or specific like #vintagedresses or #bohostyle to narrow down the community and keep your content on top for a longer period.

  • Choose 5 Hashtags at least to Complete Your Post

Including tags without the clutter can be possible by posting the tags on a comment after publishing the photo. This is the way to avoid tags overpowering your message on the caption.

Appeal Instagram Ambassadors to Spread Your Brand

Have a team of ambassadors who can promote your brand and they can be the added benefit to all the followers. Encourage your followers to post reviews and photos and you can get more users. Around 78% of buyers shop a specific product when they get influenced by a brand. The more people love and share your brand, the more opportunities you can have to motivate customers to buy your products. Here are the steps to spread your reach and create ambassadors –

  • Encourage your buyers to share their reviews and posts
  • Have a hashtag
  • Reward the ambassadors by resharing their photos and give them shout out.

Share the Tagged Photos of Your Followers on Your IG Profile

Include the content of users on your own IG feed and promote some good feelings. Then they are associated to your brand. When a brand mentions Instagrammers, they feel special. Even better, followers will constantly be checking up your feed to see if their friends of they are posted. This way, you can try some special apps to easily re-share the post and credit creator. You can save loads of time with tagged content and it basically handles over amazing lifestyle photos with just one tap.

There are some businesses like Free People which include the tags of users to show off their brand and their products used by actual buyers. With these user-generated pictures, they can get real-life lifestyle pictures that can easily influence the buying decisions of the customers.