F8 Insta announces

At F8 the Facebook and Instagram developers spoke about technology and human connection

Here are the Instagram changes announced at F8:

It seems like Instagram is going to keep its spot as one of the top photo-sharing social networks within the world due to a slew of new updates declared today at Facebook’s F8 Conference.

The biggest update is for creators who want to share their fashion choices with followers on platform. No more dropping product URLs in a post’s comments or personal bio: beginning next week, creators are going to be able to directly link to merchandise through their post pictures by tagging specific items. Only participating brands will be linkable, which are listed in a company post.

Instagram is getting in on fundraising, too. Today, we users (more countries later) will be able to raise money for causes they care concerning by employing a specific sticker that links to a donation campaign. Instagram claims one thousandth of the funds will attend the chosen nonprofit; check out all the details on the Instagram post here.

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